First Human-Like, Multi-Language/ Lingual
Conversational Ai Voice Agents

Ai voice assistants that can make outbound calls, answer inbound calls, and schedule appointments 24/7 In English, Spanish, Hindi, German, Portuguese and Japanese!

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Wolf Bot Ai Voice Assistants Work For ALL Verticals

We offer custom prompted assistants for all industries including Agencies, Consultants, Dental, Mental Health, Insurance, Real Estate and more.


Ai Automation Agency

Appointment Scheduling


Dental Receptionist

Appointment Scheduling


Real Estate Agency

Lead qualification


Local Home Services Pro

Lead Qualification



Appointment Scheduling



Appointment Scheduling



Appointment Scheduling



Lead qualification



Lead Qualification

Helping teams everywhere.

Conversational AI Voice Assistant

Human-Like Voice Assistant

Our AI Voice Assistants sound just like humans, and can be trained quickly with your data. Our cutting-edge model is trained to handle any business process: cold calling, answering inbound calls, and scheduling appointments 24/7.

Your all-in-one solution for

conversational AI agents

Put your calls on Autopilot.

Follow-up on leads & missed appointments with outbound calls, answer inbound calls, and schedule appointments 24/7.

Voice bots designed to initiate actions and complete tasks

The voice bot will automatically send follow-up SMS post-call to engage and convert your leads effectively.

Choose a voice or clone your own

Choose from a wide variety of voices or clone your own to ensure a natural and familiar experience for every call.

Real-Time Appointment Booking

Save time by allowing your AI assistant to manage bookings. It determines real-time availability and schedules appointments instantly during calls.

What our customers think of us

"You're not just offering AI assistants or empowering users to build them. What you're really selling is efficiency and convenience. It's incredibly user-friendly and effortless to set up and use!"

Carl Smith


"You're not merely marketing AI assistant creation or empowerment for users. Instead, you're offering time-saving and convenient solutions. It's incredibly user-friendly and effortless to deploy!"

Paul Stevens


Integrates with your

favorite Apps!

Qualify leads, book appointments and scale your outreach with our AI Voice Assistants.

AI Text Assistant

Intelligent Agents

No Ordinary Chatbots

Complement your voice assistants with intelligent text agents to offer a seamless experience. Forget ordinary chatbots; our agents are context-aware and can adapt to different stages of interaction, minimizing ‘hallucinations’ and extracting crucial information from conversations.


Is expertise required for quality prompts?

No, you don't need to be an expert in prompting. We provide templates to help you get started, and our AI agents are designed to be flexible with various types of prompts.

Can I set up automations with your service?

Yes, you can create automations and workflows using third-party tools like Zapier. You can set up triggers and actions, and our AI assistant will execute those reliably.

How do I get a phone number from you?

You need to have a Twilio account. Please bring your account IDs, so you can purchase and get started with a number.

How do I deploy voice assistants?

There are three deployment options:

Trigger-based deployment – The AI initiates a call based on a predefined trigger.

Outbound campaigns – The AI calls a list of contacts from an uploaded CSV file or directly from your CRM.

Inbound campaign via website widget – Website visitors can interact and speak with the voice assistant directly through a widget on your site.

Can I access call transcripts and recordings?

Yes, call transcripts are available for retrieval, via API, Zapier or GoHighLevel.

Do you offer integration support?

Yes, we understand that you may be time sensitive and want to get things up and going as soon as possible. Our team of AI-Prompt Engineers and automation specialists can get your custom Ai Voice agents up and running in no time!

Do you work with agencies?

Yes! We created our system to work with and integrate with agency partners. From strategy, to integration, Wolf Bot Ai is your full service Ai agency partner.

Exclusive offer!

White-Glove onboarding + 1 Month Free For the First 20 Businesses

Are you an Agency looking for an Ai solution & Integration Partner? Contact Us.

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